All competitors are welcome to compete in multiple age categories. Men’s competitors CANNOT compete within 2 weight groups of the same age category. Women are free to compete in both men's and women's brackets, but not in 2 weight groups of the same age category and division. For multiple entry fees for a single competitor, along with group pricing and other general tournament questions please email Mike    

Age Categories

Weight Classes: 

There will not be specific weight classes. As each age category and division completes weigh-ins, participants will be grouped in 2, 3, 4, or 5 brackets. Grouping competitors in clusters based on weight, with the goal being 8-person brackets.  


Brackets are filled by weight. 

Bout duration: 

1 3-minute period for all age categories. The match will start standing and return standing after each score or interruption. 

Bout scoring: 

First to 3 points win.   

1 point is awarded for:  

• the wrestler who manages to bring any of his opponent’s body part to the ground, except the hands.  

• the wrestler who manages to bring any of his opponent’s body part out of the competition area.  

• the wrestler whose opponent has received a caution for illegal action.  

Note: the attacker (and only the attacker) can put one knee to the ground when executing an action if it results in a score for the attacker.  

3 points are awarded to:  

• the wrestler who manages to expose his opponent’s back to the ground during a takedown or a throw. 

If there is a tie at the end of the match, the following criteria will be used to declare the winner:  

• Last point scored  

• Weight of the athletes*  

• The lowest (smallest) number pulled during the draw/rank  

*Their weights (at the official weigh-in) will be checked and the lighter competitor will be declared as the winner.  

Competition uniform & appearance: 

Under no circumstance will a competitor be allowed to wear any footwear while competing. 

Men’s divisions may wear any shorts without pockets(that will stay up). If the shorts have an external draw string it will need to be taped. 11u, 14u, and 40+ will be allowed to compete with a form fitting compression top (i.e. a rashguard.) Men’s open and 18u will not be allowed a compression top without doctor’s recommendation. 

Women’s divisions may wear a 1 or 2 piece bathing suit. Any shorts without pockets(that will stay up). Compression tops are allowed for ALL female competitors.   


Awards will be given to 1st-3rd

Awards to the top three (3) place winners in each bracket. Open divisions brackets with 2-7 participants 1st $100 and a medal. 2nd & 3rd receive certificates. No awards will be given out prior to the awards ceremony.


Other Info: 

Spectators are welcome. $5 gate for all non-participants older than 10 years of age. 

No cooler bigger than a lunch box will be allowed in the building without a $3 cooler fee. 

Re-admittance is allowed. 

Please, no shoes in the sand. Bring flip flops and prepare to kick them off once you enter the sand.