Please fill the form below before purchasing any entry fees. Please use the same participant name on the form when adding the fee to your cart.

If you want to compete in multiple brackets please e-mail ChipCondon@kybeachwrestling.com before making a purchase.

You have until 6/30/2022 to submit payment to qualify for early registration fees. After that date fees will increase to $45. Open division has until 7/29/2022 to qualify for early registration. Day-of registration(7/29 or 7/30) will be $60 for the open division.

**On-line purchases have 48 hours from the time they submit payment to recieve a full refund. Partial refunds are available for entry fees until 7/29/2022. Everything else is non-refundable after the grace period.**

$37 for 1 competitor 11u, 14u, 18u, 40+

$50 for 1 competitor open division

$65 for 1 competitor 2 age categories 11u, 14u, 18u

$79.99 for 1 competitor 2 age categories 18u, open, 40+